JC Chimney Sweeps
Proprietor: Shane Cummings
(Fully Trained & Insured)

Covering Perthshire & Angus

Email: enquiries@jcchimneysweeps.co.uk
Tel: 07710 473746


The photographs below show some of the equipment and techniques used, and some interesting stoves and fireplaces. Click on the photographs for a larger version, and use "next" and "previous" to navigate.

On site, ready for work The Rodtech power sweeping head The drill used for power sweeping Power sweeping in action

The results of the power sweep Another photo showing the results A selection of power sweeping heads A happy stove, following its power sweep

Sweep's little helper Chimney following fire Stove Fireplace

Stove Stove Fireplace Stove

Dutch Stove Dutch Stove Dutch Stove Hotel Stove

A clean sweep! Bread Kiln The same French kiln. Shane Cummings

Thank you to those who gave their permission to have their stove or fireplace photographed and included here.